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  • Among Muslim thinkers only Imam Khomeini could implement his ideas: author
    Writer of the book ‘The Political Thoughts of Imam Khomeini’ believes that among all Muslim thinkers who had the idea of establishing an Islamic government, only the late Imam Khamenei could implement his ideas.

  • Author Younan’s minimalist stories released

  • American scholar of Iranian studies Richard N. Frye dies at 94

  • 3 Iranian literati die during Noruz

  • More Books by Orhan Pamuk to Appear in Persian

Book Introduction
600 copies of Nahj al-Balaghah distributed among parliamentarians of Tanzania
Nahj al-Balaghah (The Peak of Eloquence) has been translated in the Swahili language and published by the al-Etrat Institute in Tanzania due to the efforts of a Qom and Najaf-educated seminarian.
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Three books in English on the martyrdom of Al-Abbas released
The life and martyrdom of Abbas bin Ali (Al-Abbas), the legend of bravery and loyalty for both Shi’ites and non-Shiites, has been portrayed in three recent books in English.
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New version of Quran with Persian, English translations released
The head of Ofogh Beepayan Publication Center announced that a new version of the Holy Quran with Persian, English translations has been released.
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The Role of Silk Road in the Rapprochement of Cultures
In the framework of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures , which was celebrated in 2010 ,
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The Role of Muslim women in the Development of Societies
In the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) Day , Which was celebrated on 8 September 2011 .
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The Role of Islam in the Rapprochmant of Cultures
A Day-by-Day Account of June 5 Uprising’ published
Turkish Play about Mohammad Released in Persian
“Education in Islam” Published in Bosnia
Rare Quran Manuscripts on Display in Baghdad
Islamic texts translated into Indian language of Meithei
Publication released six books which are translations from Islamic texts into Manipuri, in a function at the Manipur Press Club today.
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Library of Congress contains the oldest English book on Imam Hossein
The oldest book in English about the third Shi’ite Imam, Hossein (AS) titled ‘Imam Husain and his Martyrdom’ is kept in the Library of Congress, the United States authored by Ali Abdullah Yusuf (1872-1952), the work was published by Firouz al-Din Publication in Lahore.
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“Mirror” a deep concept in Iranian culture: Italian Iranologist
The Italian Iranologist Christo Forti announced the publication of a journal titled "Mirror" saying that the word "mirror" is considered a deep concept in the Iranian culture.
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‘Al-Masaalik Wa Al-Mamaalik’ proves the originality of Persian Gulf name
At the 6th General Meeting of UNESCO’s the Memory of the World Committee for Asia-Pacific (MOWCAP) a precious document, the Persian ancient book ‘Al-Masaalik Wa Al-Mamaalik’, which affirms the originality of the name, Persian Gulf, was registered
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Iranian translator describes working on Mo Yan’s two stories
An Iranian French into Persian translator Asghar Nouri elaborated on translating Nobel laureate Mo Yan’s work, ‘Le Veau suivi de Le Coureur de fond’(‘Calf’ and ‘The Distance Runner’) which contains two long stories.
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Compiled articles of 1st Congress of Iran-India Common Heritage unveiled
Indian Contemporary Literature considered in Iranian Artists Forum
Translation helps the West to realize richness of our culture, arts
A library which never disappoints artists and scholars
German Iranologists hope to publish Achaemenid civilization pictures





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